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Data Science Consultancy

Data science deals with mathematics, computer science and statistics. In varied domains, Innotomy provides consultancy (high level, design level and implementation level) in following areas:

  • Data Wrangling
  • Data Cleaning
  • Data Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning


Innotomy services cover following broad areas:

  • Healthcare
  • Pharma
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Quantitative Economics
  • Ecology
  • Remote Sensing
  • Green resources - Energy, Water and Air


Innotomy offers services in the following technology areas:

  • Data wrangling and cleaning
  • Data analytics
  • Machine learning
  • Deep learning
  • Computer vision, graphics and image processing
  • Medical imaging and analysis
  • Signal processing
  • Time series analysis


Innotomy offers following types of services:

  • High-end Consulting services
  • AI implementations
  • Teaching and Research Mentorship
  • Training and workshops

Engagement Models

Innotomy offers the services, typically, using one of the following business models:

  • Time and materials based
  • Fixed price based
  • Transaction based
  • Long-term

Cloud Compute

Cloud Computing has transformed the data science industry by making high-end computations accessible to everyone at very low cost. Innotomy has experience in using GPUs and CPUs for solving AI problems.

  • NVIDIA GPUs - K80, P100, Jetson TX2
  • Google TPUs v2
  • AWS
  • Google Cloud
  • FloydHub
  • Paperspace

Data Science Languages

The languages that make data science happen!

  • Julia - A language for high performance numerical analysis and computational science, also used as spec language in quantum computing
  • Python - By far the most popular. Numpy, Scipy and Pandas are enhancers
  • R - Preferred language generally in Genomics. Powerfully backed by Bioconductor
  • Swift - Slowly but surely picking up

Deep Learning Frameworks

Popular deep learning libraries used by Innotomy are:

  • Keras - Deep learning library for Theano / TensorFlow
  • TensorFlow - Google backed mathematical backend with a simplified high level abstraction
  • PyTorch - Open source machine learning library
  • MXNet - Apache's Deep Learning Framework
  • CNTK - Microsoft's Cognitive Toolkit