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Healthcare - Use-cases

  • Lung cancer detection with CAT SCAN imagery
  • Chest X-ray analysis for pneumonia detection
  • Diabetic retinopathy
  • Detection of cell nuclei
  • ECG and heart disease prediction such as arrythmia
  • Cardiac LV and RV segmentation
  • Tumor detection and tracking tumor development
  • Cervical cancer screening
  • Blood flow quantification
  • Tissue characterization in ultrasound
  • Early Sepsis prediction from MIMIC-III clinical data

Pharma - Use-cases

  • Drug discovery
  • Prediction of effect of new treatments
  • Drug development with development of polypharmacological profiles
  • Protein folding and secondary structure prediction
  • Graphical models for protein sequence analysis
  • Prediction of molecular activity
  • Prediction of peptide properties
  • Personalized medicine and rare disease identification

Biology - Use-cases

  • Promoter modeling in bacteria and yeast
  • RNA secondary structure prediction
  • Transcription factor target prediction
  • Inferring biochemical pathways
  • Protein atlas image classification
  • Gene finder, function finder and examining SNPs
  • Gene prediction - predict gene coding regions
  • Using GWAS
  • Biomarker discovery and classification
  • Integration of genomic data with other -omics data

Physics - Use-cases

  • TrackML - reconstruct particle tracks from 3D points in silicon detectors at LHC
  • Deep learning to understand quantum physics
  • Earthquake prediction
  • Identification of rare decay phenomenon

Chemistry - Use-cases

  • Predicting transparent conductors
  • Predicting molecular properties
  • Discovering new materials
  • Chemical image analysis
  • Predicting viscosity in resins
  • Predicting antioxidant response of compound

Quantitative Economics - Use-cases

  • Predict value of transactions for potential customers
  • Predict stock price performance
  • Characterize customer loyalty
  • Claims management
  • Product recommendation

Ecology - Use-cases

  • Predict avian migration
  • Urban wetlands and conservation
  • Understanding Amazon from space
  • Sea lion population count
  • Detect and classify fish species
  • Iceberg classifier
  • Detecting bacteria in wateri and predict contamination

Remote Sensing - Use-cases

  • Cloud classification from satellite images
  • DSTL satellite imagery feature detection
  • Ship detection
  • Crop type classification
  • Crop condition assessment
  • Detect forest cover type
  • Coastal protection
  • Mineral exploration
  • Wetland mapping
  • Flood mapping
  • Soil moisture estimation

Green Resources - Use-cases

  • Optimal use of energy, water and air
  • Solar energy prediction
  • Wind forecasting
  • Air quality prediction
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